Calf strain

Calf strains are the recurrent problem that haunt many runners.  I have seen many calf strains/tears that do heal quite well with deep tissue massage and stretching. The important thing to remember is prevention is better than cure, regular deep tissue massages and stretching of all lower limb muscles is highly recommended.

Cervical spine nerve entrapment

I see many cases of this type of pain.  One lady came to see me with a 3 week history of elbow pain.  She had restricted neck movements to the right and left when looking over her shoulder.  We worked on mobilising her upper thoracic spine, cervical spine and the facet joints on the side of the elbow pain.  With a home exercise program and 2 sessions of treatment the pain quickly centralised and the elbow pain resolved.  The key is the position of the neck and ensuring we have a good posture. The important factor is to seek treatment sooner rather than later and then this doesn’t become a more chronic nerve irritation.