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Emma Wilkinson qualified with a first class honours degree in Physiotherapy and has a wealth of experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

She has worked for many years in the NHS and in GP practices before moving into the private sector working for a large corporate company managing a heavy case load of occupational and sporting injuries.

Emma opened Stockport Waters Physiotherapy in 2006 a vision she had for many years, the clinic has been described as professional, friendly and exceptionally calming.

In addition to sports injuries Emma specialises in neck and back pain with neurogenic symptoms and advices you come to see her even if you have been listed for surgery following a failed course of treatment.

Dear Emma,
This is just to let you know that your treatment worked and my shoes stayed on all the day of the wedding – not to mention the evening! I’ll certainly have to make sure that I keep on doing the exercises; they made a huge difference.
Many thanks for all your help and support.
Best wishes


Emma is a lovely person and fantastic Physiotherapist.
I dont know what i would do without her help, she keeps my back moving.
Brenda Hughes

Hi Emma,
Just to let you know the knee diagnosis was spot on – tight calf muscle – and I would never have got this myself. I’m continuing with the back exercises.
Many thanks,


Dear Emma
I hope that you are well. I wanted to just write to you to update you regarding my shoulder.

I have continued with the exercises that you suggested and coached me in and I also have made sure that my office environment is more user friendly to help avoid aggravating injuries, or indeed creating them. The injury/dysfunction has recovered really well and I have been able to up the ante on the level of exercise and use of my shoulder, I would really like to thank you for you consideration and understanding that you clearly demonstrated and wish you and your practice every success going forward. I have happily recommended you to family and friends should they need a top quality physiotherapist.

Best Regards.

Chris M Bailey

Hi Emma,
Thank you once again for the recent physiotherapy sessions that we had to address the problem with my shoulder. It has vastly improved after treatment and I was impressed by the way you identified that the problem area was in my back rather than in the shoulder, despite my initial scepticism!

I was also grateful for the relaxed and friendly environment that you created during the sessions, which did make the treatment a more enjoyable experience. If I have any further problems, I would certainly come back to you for treatment.
Thanks again
Kind regards

I would like to give you some feedback for the excellent treatment I received for my tennis elbow from yourself. I had several treatments for my cycling induced tennis elbow prior to seeing you but progress was limited. With only a few weeks before my cycle ride (1000 miles) I was fearful that I would not be able to take part or have to stop part way through. However extraordinarily I was pain free during the whole ride. I may have looked silly doing exercises during my ride, but they were certainly worth it. Many thanks for all your help!

Hi Emma, Just a quick note to say how impressed I have been with the support you have given to me with my back problem. You helped me go from sleepless nights and no training to normality in just a few weeks. I was most impressed by the speed and accuracy of the diagnosis of the problem but also your clear desire to get me back to running, swimming and cycling quickly whilst treating the problem.

This experience will encourage me to seek your advice in the future when I get any problems. Thanks to from my wife who is delighted I am not waking her up too!

Hi Emma, just wanted to give you an update on my knee. The scan showed a tear of the medial meniscus – as you predicted! The consultant recommended surgery and I managed to get a slot tomorrow thanks to a cancellation. I’ll be in touch, thanks for your help so far – it’s been really effective.
Best wishes,

Hi Emma, I’d been experiencing daily headaches for 6 weeks before I sought a physiotherapy consult. The headaces were intermittent and not particularly severe but were sufficient to limit my activity and specific head movements. There was a dramatic improvement after the first session of massage and manipulation, and steady improvement thereafter, such that only 3 weeks after our first session, the headaches have completely gone and i’m almost symptom-free. Your fantastic work over the last few weeks has underscored the importance of a correct diagnosis and explaining the underlying cause really improves motivation to do the recommended exercises between sessions. Thank you – you’ve made such a tremendous difference.

Stockport Waters Physiotherapy Whilst running the Manchester 10K in May 2012, I was quite aware of a significant amount of pain in my lower left leg 2km into the race that I thought was an old injury come to haunt me. I continued to run, however, despite my leg telling me I should give in and stop. Visiting my own doctor two days later in quite a lot of pain, I was diagnosed with a category 2 tear of an anterior muscle in my lower leg, and prescribed rest, ice, and NSAIDs. After allowing a few weeks of rest, I began physiotherapy with Emma Wilkinson, to begin rehabilitation. Emma quickly noticed that the cause of my pain was more serious, and referred me to A+E for a diagnostic ultrasound scan – as a means of establishing the significance of my injury. Visiting A+E a few days later, now a month after the 10K race, I was x-rayed to make sure it was just soft tissue damage they were dealing with. The x-ray showed (in the words of the foot and ankle specialist) “a massive stress fracture” of my left fibula, which had I gone sooner, would have been repaired with metal plates and pins. With thanks to Emma’s keen eye and professionalism, I am now receiving the appropriate treatment for my fractured leg and am well on the way to being able to go rock climbing and running again – hopefully in the not too distant.

Emma as helped enormously in the recovery from a badly sprained ankle. As well as treating the sprain and advising on the right exercises, she encouraged me to take the next steps that I had, probably sub-consciously, been shying away from, to help speed up my recovery. It’s great to be back running again! many thanks for your help.

Hi Emma,
Just to let you know that I completed the race in my best ever time of 34 mins! I had a great time, I really enjoyed the running (!) and had no problems at all with my knee during the race. It’s been a little bit sore since but nothing too bad and is actually resolving with time. Thank you so much for your help and support with this, it has meant a huge amount to me to do this and I am so thrilled to have been able to take part in the way that I wanted-I am delighted!

Hope you had a fantastic holiday.
Best wishes,

Dear Emma,
Just writing to say a big thank you for your expert treatment and diagnosis of my knee injury. I had the results of the scan yesterday and your thoughts were confirmed by the specialist (Mr.Borrill). I will be having key-hole surgery on the knee on the 12th April 2012. Furthermore, I would also like to thank you for curing my back problem prior to the knee injury. I have had no recurring problems and the stretches you prescribed have certainly made the difference.
Kind Regards,

I originally went to see Emma in October/November 2011 with severe muscle spasms in my lower back, I had been prescribed with tablets from the drs, but they were only masking the pain, and I wasn’t able to sleep properly. Emma quickly helped to alleviate the pain using a combination of treatments, she in time increased the level and complexity of the exercises she gave me, which continually improved my condition. Emma also advised on the types of activity I should avoid. In the final session Emma gave me a set of exercises to help me build the core muscles in the lower back area and hopefully prevent this happening again.

When I returned to work I started to suffer with a stiff neck, shoulder and arm pain, pins and needles in my hand. This was waking me during the night. It was very difficult at first for Emma to treat this because it was so tender and immediately triggered pain/pins and needles when she tried to manipulate. Once she confirmed that the pain wasn’t being caused by a collapsed disc, she began gentle stretching of my nerve and the symptoms then started to ease. Emma also advised me to have an assessment to make sure that my work area wasn’t contributing and making things worse. This has all dramatically improved my symptoms and I’m now pain free.

Throughout both these courses of treatment Emma actively tried to determine the cause of the problem and treat in the most effective way, I’ve found all her advice and support really helpful.

“Many thanks for your help, treatment has been really beneficial. Thank you so much! all the best

“When I first had my appointment with Emma I was having trouble with my knee and was in a lot of pain. I was very impressed with the speed at which I got my appointment and the initial assessment was very thorough. I was given treatment in the first session and was also shown some exercises. These were particularly helpful and Emma went through them with me until she was sure that I was doing them correctly. Following the first appointment, the pain eased significantly and the exercises continue to help. My second session was just as useful and after that the pain had gone completely, thanks Emma!”

“Thank you very much! I now have no pain and am able to move more freely due to the physio you have given me. Even after just the first appointment I felt a lot better and was able to straighten up much more easily and without as much pain. The strengthening exercises will help me keep my back stronger to avoid further pain. I will certainly recommend you.”

“I went to Emma with a strong pain in my back, probably due to my office job. After 3 sessions of 30 minutes each, a combination of massage, manipulation and acupuncture, my pain was gone. I would definitely recommend Emma, not only she is a very good physiotherapist, she is also a lovely person”

To arrange an appointment, call us on 0161 440 8984 or email info@swphysio.org.uk

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